“A heavyweight from Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island, Salt Pond Selects are oyster-lover’s oysters: big, bountiful, and intensely flavorful. If you made a demi-glaze with seawater, you’d approximate the concentrated tide pool brine of a Salt Pond Select.

They are unusually metallic for a virginica, with hints of the iron and petrol flavors found in Point Judith Pond oysters. These 2.5-year-old oysters are very large, heavy, and strong. The shells-bronze and black-striped on top, a lovely white-green on the bottom-shuck smoothly every time, yielding a rich meat that will take you back to childhood days of lazing around the New England shore.”

“I recently tried them again, and they were even better- everything that i wrote above, but bigger and sweeter. These monster 3 year olds make you want to laugh at all those little girlie-oysters served up in so many raw bars.”

Rowan Jacobsen
Author of  “The Oyster Guide”